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Headshot Christiane Link, a white woman with short hair and glasses, in front of the Tower Bridge in London

Excellent customer experience for disabled people depends on the culture to improve, the passion that drives actions and the knowledge of where to start.

Christiane Link

Founder and Director Ortegalink

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The Future is Accessible consulting is a boutique accessibility and inclusion consultancy. We help you welcome a diverse group of customers and serve them better than ever. Most importantly, we are experts in removing barriers and finding solutions to make your customers happy. We show you the improvements that make a big difference for your customers. 

We bring decades of lived experience of disability to the table and profound strategy and customer experience skills to support you in achieving the best outcomes for your business.

Ortegalink Ltd – the company behind The Future is Accessible – was founded because our first clients asked us to help them. They came to our founder, Christiane Link, to ask for advice on improving their businesses for customers like her. As a journalist who travelled the world to cover events, she heavily relied on good customer experience on her business trips. Bad experiences nearly always mean bad accessibility as well.  

The passion for improving accessibility for disabled people is still the company’s mission today.
Christiane is fluent in English and German and has dual citizenship, enabling us to provide services in two languages and many countries. She is a member and chair of several advisory boards and sometimes still works as a journalist for German and British media outlets.